Lovely Friends

My friend, Lisa Williams, (soon to be Bühler) is the definition of chic, creative, beautiful AND thoughtful. Lisa has been there for me through my sick and non-sick days, supporting me in the most special of ways. She has an online shop called Lisa Says Gah -
in which she featured me last October in the "interviews" section, where she typically interviews artists, designers, writers etc. This interview was for Breast Cancer Awareness week, and if you ask me, I think it came out pretty darn amazing!!!
You can check out the interview (by Olivia La Roche) and awesome photos (by ANNA-ALEXIA BASILE) here :
*And don't forget to shop her beautiful collection of clothing, accessories, shoes and intimates :)
The most flattering part of this whole thing is that Lisa and her team recently included me in their "A year of Quotes, Advice for a better 2016" email. Thanks ladies, you are too good to me.

I have a family friend, Caterina Mellinger, who writes for a column in the Contra Costa Times. She recently did a special article on my journey through cancer.and I want to share it with you all. 
Thanks so much Cat, Love you <3