Hello friends! I have just finished my 4th chemo treatment and quite a lot has happened between today and the day I was diagnosed with a pretty aggressive form of stage 2 breast cancer. I will start at the very beginning and promise to do my best to keep posting as my treatment and experiences with this nasty diagnosis continue.
It all started in March, when I went to a clinic in New York (my home back then) to get a lump in my right breast checked out. After a couple of meetings with doctors that consisted mostly of poking and squeezing, I was told I needed to have a biopsy. This terrified me beyond belief. I would lay awake at night and squirm at the thought of a needle going so deeply in to my body. To make a long story short, I fainted in the procedure room. 
Now I lay awake at night and think about how different life has been since that first biopsy, and how different life will become. Since the beginning of April, I have had 5 biopsies, given myself multiple shots in to my abdomen, had several uncomfortable fertility appointments, 4 chemo sessions, 3  super claustrophobic MRI's, 2  very bruised arms, 1 port inserted in to my chest, and the list goes on.
Very often my mind is overwhelmed with thoughts of upcoming surgeries, hair loss, fatigue, early menopause and all the other fun side effects of chemotherapy. It's all quite scary and this is something I haven't been too quick to admit, but the support from my family and friends is what has kept me sane. 
SO, I'm hoping you will join me in the adventures I have ahead and listen when I feel happy, bummed, scared, or in the mood to make fun of everything, which happens more often that you'd think. I assure you my updates won't be sad  - so far things have actually been pretty darn hilarious, so please come laugh with me through the hope, joy, maybe some sadness, and surely, a lot of baldness.