With Good News, Comes Some Not-So-Good News.

I had a doctor's appointment on Friday to fiiiinally get all the lumpy padding and bandaging off my chest. After the nurse took off the deformed bandages, turned out what was underneath didn't look so different from the dressings! I have been referring to my boobs as "Frankenstein boobs" ever since. My dad says Frankenstein was a beautiful person. I am not agreeing. 
The good news is that it's almost Halloween. Just jokin...
The good news is that they will not look this way forever but right now, it's as uncomfortable as it is ugly, which is A LOT. It feels like when they replaced the muscle and tissue in my boobs, they replaced them with 5 or 6 very lumpy rocks and just smashed them all in there. They also look like they have been run over by the very same truck that ran me over when I was receiving the Benadryl IV many months ago. I'm stoked for this truck to stop messing with me. I swear if you look closely enough, you can see tire marks on my left boob. Anyway, come December I will get the permanent implants and I am 100% certain they will look better than what I have now. They have to. They just have to. 
So the good news I refer to in the title of this blog is that so far, everything has been on track and I'm on my way to being a normal human again. Chemo is done, 1 surgery is out of the way, only 1 procedure left and then I can skip off in to the sunset with my new, perfect, cancer-free boobs.
Turns out that's not exactly what's about to happen. My surgeon informed me on Friday that they found cancer in my lymph node. 
I'm still kind of trying to comprehend the news, because after she told us, she said it wasn't really that big of a deal, but then said I might have to do radiation, and then she left the room. So my appointment partner, Tom, and I were left pretty speechless, trying to pick up all these pieces that Dr. E just threw at us then left us with...
Every single time I've had an MRI or mammogram or check up and the doctors say "There isn't any cancer in your lymph node, this is a good thing!!", I've always thanked my lucky stars, because I've always heard that to have cancer in the lymph node, is NOT a good thing! 
Dr. E said that my cancer metastasized (a word I am TERRIFIED of) and traveled in to my lymph node. The positive part is that they took out that lymph node, but there could still be some cancer in the other lymph nodes and that's why I may need to do radiation. Currently, I am very frustrated with my surgeon because she was the one that told me I was cancer free about 3 weeks ago....
Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment to find out if I will need the radiation and what the metastasized cancer means. Not that you haven't already, but I will need some positive vibes thrown my way tomorrow because this news, on top of having painful, stiff, lumpy, road kill boobs, is not my idea of a good time. 
Thank you to everyone for your support - besides all of this cancery stuff, I feel like the luckiest gal in the whole world. My support system is above and beyond. I feel very very very very veeerrryyyy grateful.